Women’s Business Enterprise Center East
Women’s Business Enterprise Center East

The Women’s Business Enterprise Center East is an advocate for women business owners and entrepreneurs in PA, Del & S. NJ. They work to promote…

Philly Map

The Interactive Philly Map

Our map divides Philly into 65 neighborhoods. Click on anyone of them to discover what Not-For-Profits, Community Gardens, Public Art and Community Focused Businesses can be found in them.

The Learning Studio

For now our Learning Studio is entirely focused on culinary arts (recipes, blogs, guides, tutorials, charts & tables, etc.). But over time we will evolve to archive 1000’s of lessons covering an array of activities which enrich life.

The Store

You’ll find both physical and digital retail, art, crafts, literature, collectibles and more. 90% of ALL profit is donated to NFP’s via the M.A.C. Initiative.

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